at Hayborough, Victor Harbor

This photo is from an  early morning photo shoot at Hayborough, Victor Harbor in  South Australia. It is looking west to Granite Island. Rosetta Head, or The Bluff,  is in the background. 

This was made  in  autumn  in 2015. Autumn is a good time to photograph  along the southern coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula, since the weather is more stable and predictable. The weather during spring is all over the place. 

We had just shifted from living in the CBD  of Adelaide to the coast  at Victor Harbor,   and I was looking  to start work on  the Fleurieu Peninsula  region as a place in which we belonged. 

I had done bits and pieces before this when we  visited  Victor Harbor on the weekends.  I had sketched the project  in terms of an exhibition and a book about the regional landscape along the lines of people, place and space,  but I'd never done much with it.  It just sat there as an idea with a few photos. 

I had taken lots of photos and read some books on the landscape--mostly American---but I couldn't get a grasp on what I was trying to do with the project. How do I  picture the landscape? That eluded me. I realised that the photographer requires a certain awareness of the photographer to know the implications of taking a photograph and knowing how it relates to a kind of collective ethic of representation. 

So I committed to an exhibition at the Magpie Springs gallery early 2016 to force me to get some shape to the project. Maybe the way to start is to think along the lines of the essay which poses a question,   rather than lay claims to originality,  and to elaborate the  issued explicate its implications  from the perspective of experience, reflection and prior study.