rockpool photoshoot

A digital version (using the Sony NEX-7)  from  the  photoshoot with  the Rolleiflex SL66 (both colour and black and white) this morning. I had come across the rockpool  yesterday when I was  on a poodlewalk with Ari and Kayla. I needed cloud cover and a low tide to be able to do  it.

I had to wait for the low tide so that I could access the site. I  needed the cloud cover to soften the early morning sun whilst I waited for the tide to go out. Even then,  I was photographing with the sea swirling  around my shoes and tripod  legs.  

I had to do it this morning  as the weather is warming up again and my guess is that there there  won't be early morning cloud cover for a while. Then the times of the low tide will have changed. In the meantime I will sit on the image and see if its worth while  me going back with my  large format version workhorse--the Linhof 5x4 Technika IV.

This is primitive equipment or hardware and it is a slow work comprises compared to the recent high end medium format digital cameras that can produce superb images from their 100MP CMOS full-frame sensors.  These  full frame 645 cameras are targeted at  hard-working professional photographers (studio, landscape, architecture) who have clients with deep pockets.   They cost  $US50,000. That's more than the price of our  new Subaru Outback SUV,  and you can buy  a lot of 5x4  Kodak  Portra sheet  film--and pro-lab processing- for that amount of money. 

The economics means that I'll  stick with my work flow of scoping subject matter with a 35mm mirrorless digital camera for my 5x4 film cameras:  

However, photographers  are buying digital medium format cameras and then going  to Iceland  or Antartica for their landscape photo trips.  I have seen large prints from the  Pentax 645Z ,which is the entry camera into digital medium format photography, and the prints impressed me. What was notable  was their technical perfection, image quality  and their subtle colours and wide tonality.  I  also   found  the look of the image as just too perfect for  me.  It was too clinical. Soulless immediately  came to mind.  

This kind of photographic  equipment would great for the requirements of commercial photography, fashion  or industrial  photography for corporate clients.   The  perfection look wasn't suitable for my work, which is moving towards poetics.