Thoughtfactory: pictures experiments journeys

brief working notes on various photographic projects


Thoughtfactory's  photo blog by Gary Sauer-Thompson  is a part of  Thoughtfactory's ensemble of Posthaven blogs that explore different aspects of  the southern Fleurieu Peninsula: these are: abstraction, the Littoral zone,  Trees etc,  and  Fleurieuscapes.  The central website for this kind of locally,  place-based  based  photography  is  poodlewalks.  

This place-based photography a global world  is made whilst walking with  the standard poodles in the morning and afternoon.  It's a form of photo walking in which I look at again at  objects and processes in a particular place that many might have dismissed as uninteresting. There is a  history of walking by Rebecca Solnit,  though it is one that does not refer to walking with animals.   

Thoughtfactory's  photo blog consists  of digital  photos and text that emerge from walking,  and these form  the background  to the process of work made  for exhibitions and photo-books.  The emphasis of this body of photo work is slowly shifting to online exhibitions at Encounters Gallery and producing photobooks.

This photo blog is more experimental than the other Posthaven ones, as it aims to give a low key  insight into the  process of being a photographic artist working on various projects. So it often transcends the regional boundaries of the southern Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia.