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scanning vegetables

It's been cold, windy and wet on the southern coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula these last couple of weeks.  There has been little to no opportunities to do any large format photography, nor to  go camping at Murrayville on the Mallee Highway to continue the work on the silo project.   

I've spent my time  writing the texts for the Weltraum exhibition at Magpie Springs in early September,  the Abstraction  x 5 exhibition at the Light Gallery in late September,   the Mallee exhibition at Atkins Photo Lab in mid-October ,  and the talk to the Flinders University Philosophy Club on 'Philosophy, Photography and the Environment' in late October. 

I decided  to take a break from the writing by scanning some vegetables that I'd purchased at the Victor Harbor Farmers Market on Saturday morning. I  used  the Epson V700 flatbed scanner:

In scannography ---ie., using a  flatbed scanner and computer exclusively for generating imagery-- the positioning  of an object takes time to look right. The focus of scanner photography is strictly on the object. So I could do seashells or seaweed gathered from the  beach. It is low cost photography.