at Moorook

The November Mallee photocamp was  based at Morgan, which is located  in the corner where the Murray River  turns to flow south. The mallee scrub is being cleared and replaced with  irrigated agriculture. 

 Whilst there I  spent an afternoon photographing along the southern  bank of the River Murray at  Moorook. This hamlet  is between Kingston-on-the Murray  and Loxton on the Sturt Highway, and  so it is a part of the Riverland region in South Australia. 

I had briefly photographed along this stretch in the 1980s  (in  black and white)  and then  around 2004 (in colour). I remembered photographing along this stretch of the  river as I drove past it on my to Loxton to do some research in the Loxton public library. I did some scoping on my return to Morgan from Loxton. 

I went back the next day to photograph with the 5x4 Linhof. The light was quite different--overcast with spots of rain. The landscape looked more depressing.   

I  did look for the trees that I had photographed on those occasions,  but I couldn't find them.  I thought that this tree may have been one I'd photographed in the 1980s. If so, it had lost a lot of its branches.