Mallee Routes Murtoa photoshoot

I was so pleased with myself for this section of the  recent  Hopetoun phototrip  for the Mallee Routes project. I  had timed the photoshoot at Murtoa, in the Wimmera Mallee  perfectly.  

The light was right. So were the clouds. The Cambo 5x7 monorail was set up properly.  I took a behind the camera snap with the Sony NEX-7 to record the moment, then loaded the double dark film holders.

The spring in the camera back  broke as I was loading the double dark film holders. I took some photos but there was no pressure holding the film holder tight against the camera body. So there would be light leaks everywhere.

So that was the end of that photoshoot for the Malle Routes project.   The light had gone before I could set up the Linhof 5x4 Technika.  I returned  the next day with the Linhof at the same time of the day,  but  it  was different. A train was parked infant on the buildings. I made the photos anyway but I did not feel enthused  about the latter photo shoot.  

Now to try and get the 5x7 back fixed.