on location: Petrel Cove

It took me three  attempts  over three days to photograph this rock pool at Petrel Cove:

My  historical baby Linhof camera--an old   Linhof Technika 70 --- had a mechanical problem  on the first morning as the locking mechanism wouldn't lock  the downturned folding camera bed so I could not focus;  the second morning it was raining; the third morning things finally came together. 

This is the rock pool that I'd scoped with the digital Sony NEX-7, handheld. The scoping  was done was on a early morning  poodlewalk with Kayla:

The photoshoot  was  done in the early morning whilst the granite was still wet from the early morning high tide, and the rock pool was still in the shadow cast by  Rosetta Head.  

Though I have used the Sony NEX-7  for The Littoral Zone  work, it  is increasingly becoming a  scout camera that I use when  looking for places to shoot with my MF gear. It will soon be replaced with a full frame Sony ---a Sony a7r111--- to use with my Leica M lenses sometime in the near future.