World Sight Day Photo Challenge: yellow

Yesterday was World Sight Day and Sight For All, the  charity organisation restoring sight for people in third world countries around the word,  held it's first one day  photogpraphy challenge in association with Atkins Photo Lab in Adelaide.   

The creative brief was  a photo around the theme of  yellow with the picture  having  to be taken edited and uploaded  on October 11. I entered the competition and Suzanne and I drove up to  the Adelaide Central Market car park  for a shoot inside the car park.   

After the shoot Suzanne did some shopping whilst I took the opportunity to briefly do some work of mine with the Linhof Technika 5x4 field camera. It was a picture for the  Alt-Adelaide series that I've been  slowly working on.   

The shoot  for the Alt-Adelaide work was difficult to do  as  it was  market day,   and I had to compete  for space with cars in the car parking lots.  The picture  that I really wanted to do could not be done because  the  parking lots for those with a disability were full. 

The scoped picture above was the picture that I had in mind.