The wet,  cold  stormy weather has passed. It is still cold in the morning (I wore gloves on the 7am poodle walk  this morning),   but the wind has dropped, the sun has returned and the sky is blue.  I've picked up my cameras again,  and I've started thinking about photography.  -

I picked up the Sinar F2 5x4 yesterday, got  my pack out, and loaded the battery into the light meter  only to put it down again as I didn't have anything in mind to photograph.    However, I used the digital on yesterday's  evening  poodle walk.  The picture below  is a scoping  study that I made on this morning's poodle walk  along  Baum Rd in Waitpinga using my Sony  (APS-C)  digital camera:

I have photographed this tree before--probably a couple of  years  ago.  It was 5x4 film and I  choose an overcast day with light rain to obtain the dull, gloomy look. I  wasn't all that  happy with what I did in colour.

Whilst we walking back to the Subaru Forester I noticed that   the winter light on the tree looked pretty good at 8am. So I stopped  and took a few scoping studies.  The black and white  digital image  above has been converted from colour using the Silver Efex Pro 2 software.  In colour it looks like this: 

At the moment I cannot make up my mind which I prefer: the colour or the  black and white image. I'm inching towards the black and white version and I'm  thinking of  returning  tomorrow morning with  the Sinar F2 5x4. That is  if the light is similar to this morning---cloudless skies, little wind  and early morning sun.  

Update #1

I went back this morning with the baby Linhof (Technika 70),  and I took a couple of colour 6x7cm pictures. I didn't have time to change the filter and the roll film back film do do some  black and white pictures: 

The early morning light shines through the trees son the other side of the road, and the light is only on the tree for around 5 minutes--between 7.55 to 8.00 am  I will  need to go back with the Sinar F2 to do the 5x4 black and white pictures