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at Flinders Medical Centre

I spent 5 days in a ward 4GS at  the Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) last week, due to the skin graft on my  leg becoming infected,  whilst  I was preparing for the Mallee Routes exhibition at the Murray Bridge Regional Gallery.  I ended up at the emergency department of the Victor Harbor Hospital on the  Sunday of the exhibition open, then went to FMC early on the Monday morning. I left FMC late on Friday afternoon. 

Though I was on an intravenous antibiotic drip  for the infection every six hours for the 5 days I was ward 4GS  I was allowed to make short walks  outside the ward in-between the 6 hours.  

The  short walks meant that I  mostly  explored the area  around the coffee shop such as  Theo's or the cafe in the Centre for Innovation in Cancer.   I would usually wander around this area  after  treating  myself  to a cup of coffee;  or after dinner at 5pm. 

 It was usually bright and sunny at these time--either late morning  or late  afternoon in the summer - so I had  to hunt for  the areas of  open shade. Consequently,  I was rather limited in where and what I could photograph. 

The area I mostly photographed in was around the Northern Wing of FMC as this  had the most shade. I wanted to wander around the edges of the infrastructure development associated with the  upgrade of the  South Rd/Darlington  section of the North South Corridor   but it was off limits. 

I didn't really want to photography inside the  ward or within the hospital apart from my in my own room in  the ward etc.  I wasn't sure of the etiquette or the extent of the permissions that would be needed.