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brief working notes on various photographic projects

at Wallaroo

I spent several days camping at Wallaroo on the Yorke Peninsula with Gilbert Roe, a fellow photographer based in Adelaide. We spent the time  exploring the region with our cameras:  Gilbert was using his pinhole camera and I was working with  my  large format cameras. I concentrated on the silos.

 This is one image that I made in the late afternoon with both the  Cambo 8x10 (using black and white film) and the  Cambo 5x7 (using colour film):  

It  was a trial run for me in terms of  camping whilst  being on the road with  the large format equipment. Renting a house,  staying in a cheap motel, or a cabin in a caravan park,  is too expensive these days. Camping was a  trial run because our camping gear is very old and basic,  and I haven't been camping for 20 years or more. So I needed  to see whether this mode of accommodation would work for me as a way of doing the photography road trips. 

It did.  The weather was warm, the camping  was comfortable (the caravan park even had free wif-fi ), the company congenial, and the area was interesting in a photographic sense.  This was one of the images that I'd scoped in the  late afternoon on the day we arrived in Wallaroo:

The wire fence around the silos  wouldn't allow a large format lens to be poked through the gaps. Though this one was made through a gap in the gate  but didn't return to re-photograph the scene with the large format cameras, as  I didn't have a computer with me on this trip (I had an unpowered camp site) so I couldn't  upload the pictures and study them. 

I have a week at home then I  am off to photograph the silos along the Mallee Highway in South Australia and Victoria. I will meet up with Gilbert in Ouyen. The Ouyen caravan park, which looks to  be very down market,  will be our base.