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Between Two Rivers walk

This picture of a summer holiday fun fair was made whilst I was on an early morning poodlewalk with Kayla on Australia Day. The Australia day weekend  marks the end of the summer school holidays. 

 The Girder Family Amusements  are a  regular feature of the summer holidays at Victor Harbor. We usually pass  their site when we are walking along Esplanade Beach and past the Granite Island causeway. Girder  Amusements are squeezed in  on a small reserve near the causeway.

Kayla and I  were on our river walk that Australia Day morning  This  walk involves  walking along the beach from the mouth of the Inman River on the eastern edge of  Kent Reserve to  the mouth of the Hindmarsh River on the western edge of Hayborough. I call this walk Between Two Rivers Walk. 

The  edge of the Victor Harbor township is between the two ephemeral rivers with  the Granite Island causeway precinct  being  a high day tourist area. Only a few boaties,  runners and walkers are there around  sunrise. 

There is no art project associated with this walk,   even though my poodlewalks photography is a walking based art--ie.,  the  mode of art making is specific to the experience of going for a walk. 

Walking as an artistic medium is a new idea for me. I have just come across the walking artists network. There is a London-based  walking /art blog  but it seems to have lapsed circa 2014.    Interartive is still going though.  

However, I have realised that in photographing whilst walking I am  participating in a specific artistic experience that positions my  walking body in relation to the landscape, objects and the people with whom we inhabit this specific landscape.