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Fleurieuscapes: the exhibition

The  Fleurieuscapes exhibition at Magpie Springs in South Australia's Fleurieu Peninsula has been hung,  and everything is ready for the 2pm opening on Sunday afternoon, the 17th of January.  The theme is people, space and place and this is the first part of the project. Rage second part is more historical in  orientation and the palette is darker.  

The exhibition  has been expanded from the Red Room, the main gallery  room,  to two rooms;  and it now consists of 22 images instead of the initial 16. The  images were made with medium and  large format  cameras,  and there is  a mixture of colour images and black and white ones, with the colours one predominant.  

The work is quite different to Alex Frayne's very atmospheric and poetic Encounter Bay series that  focuses on the sky and sea either early in the day or at dusk. This body of work is being exhibited under the title of When Angels Cried--Fleurieu Inscapes  at the South Coast  Regional Art Centre (Old Goolwa Police Station) as part of the Alexandrina Council's  2016 Just Add Water Festival. 

In the opening  the exhibition Greg Mackie referenced Frayne's  idea of 'inscapes'  back to  Gerald Manly Hopkins and Duns Scotus. Inscape refers to  intuitive knowledge of an entity in a confused manner. It is a  form of poetic knowledge which is non-conceptual and non-rational (not irrational).  Hopkins  used the  term 'inscape'  to describe 'the particular features of a certain landscape or other natural structure, which make it different from any other.  

Fraynes' photos, then are an emotional response to the individuality of different landscapes  of the Fleurieu Peninsula.