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letting things slip

Summer has gone.  I did very little large format photography during the summer when I was  at Victor Harbor.  

I did explore a number of possibilities of representing 'summer on the coast' using  my digital camera whilst I was on the early morning poodle walks with Ari, but I never followed through.

I'm not sure why. The pictures  looked  conceptually promising, but they  just seem to be too cliched even when I pushed towards the abstract. 

I did try to break away from the standard cliches:

And though some looked promising in terms of subject matter I never followed through. Everything I did in the early morning light looked to be too touristy,  or like the picture postcards that you see in the local news agent.  So I just let things slip. 

I had intended to follow through with colour sheet film and the 8x10 but I hesitated. Colour sheet film has become  very expensive and  I'm having trouble with Newton rings and colour correcting the scans.  Scan quality is the biggest bottleneck in the whole large format film work process.   When I had  large format scans from a pro-lab that had that harsh digital look I started doing my own.  But there are few good scanners available. 

I also  realised that colour makes everything  far too pretty and  I wasn't after the picturesque.