on location in Waitpinga

Now that summer has passed  into autumn I've started using my  old 8x10  Cambo monorail. This morning was the first time I 'd used the camera since late spring. I was a bit rusty and  things didn't go very smoothly.  I made a number of mistakes on the shoot.

It was a local  photoshoot that I'd previously scoped,  and I'd  been  waiting for  the right conditions for the photoshoot:

Over the summer I'd  changed the lens  on the Cambo from a Schneider-Kreuznach  Symmar 210mm to a  Schneider-Kreuznach  Symmar  300mm in preparation for  photographing the silos along the Mallee Highway in the next month or so.  The  former lens  didn't cover  the camera's rise and fall  movements very well, especially with the front standard, which  needed  to be raised quite high to get  the  top of silos in the frame.  

 I  wasn't used to the  changed perspective  of the 300mm lens and so I  struggled to set up the camera and tripod in  the right position for the roadside vegetation  photoshoot.  I'd also forgotten that I'd changed to  photographing in black and white from colour after  I'd   seen  that  the field had stated to turn green format recent rain.  I wanted dead tree, dead grass and overcast skies--a bleak,  stripped landscape for part 2 of the Fleurieuscapes project.  

The front standard  of the monorail  had accidentally turned to the right when it should have been straight, and I forgotten  which black and white film I'd loaded into the film holders.   

I more or less wasted 4 sheets of  film on the two film shoots.  It takes  me a while to get  back into the rhythm of  using a 8x10 monorail in the field. It's very different from taking snaps with a digital camera.