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on the road to Melbourne

I've just returned from the  Melbourne trip via the Great Ocean Road and several days in the Otway's and in  the Coorong. 

On the way over to Melbourne we stayed overnight at a dog friendly place called Old Dadswell Town on the Western Highway. It  is between Horsham and Stawell.  I was carrying the 5x7 Cambo monorail  to begin to photograph  the silos along the Wimmera section of the Western Highway,  as I was hoping for some overcast skies. It was not to be.  The weather  was bright, sunny and hot.  I made no photos of  the silos.

I did manage to take some snapshots at Old Dadswell Town in the late afternoon as a form of consolation:

Old Dadswell Town  is a quirky place  full of collected junk,  and it refers back to the Australia of the 1950s, the Mad Max movies and the tourist pioneer theme towns. We had the place to ourselves on this occasion. 

I  took some more snapshots  early in the morning before we left Old Dadswell Town  to catch the Queenscliff ferry to Sorrento to stay at Safety Beach for several days.  

The owners have a whacky sense of humour that is quite engaging. 

The Grampians  form a  backdrop to the scrub around Old Dadswell Town,  but I've never really bothered to explore them photographically.