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brief working notes on various photographic projects

Petrel Cove: open air studio

Another behind the camera photo of an early morning still life photoshoot near Petrel Cove: 

This open studio set up had been previously scoped with my digital camera. I scoped a number of different locations  to see which worked the best. I plan to do a 5x4  photoshoot with the baby Sinar F2 late this afternoon if the conditions remain overcast.  

I managed to do the b+w photo session with the Sinar. A problem that I encountered was that,  as I was photographing into  deep shadow in the granite rocks I find it difficult to see the whole image through the ground glass. I basically had to guess. 

This is another open studio set up with granite, seaweed and bird wing:

I do not know the results of these photo sessions yet as I have just taken the rolls of 120  colour negative film into the Atkins Photo Lab in Adelaide to be processed.