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digital b+w

This is another in my low key and sporadic  experiments in  converting a digital colour file  made with a digital camera into a black and white image: 

The image of these granite rocks at Kings Head in Waitpinga  is soft and gentle,  but  it still has some tonality. What surprises me is that it is not  the usual muddy grey that normally  happens  when I have made  these kind of conversions from the digital  file produced by  my  older digital camera --a Sony NEX-7. 

I have found that the recently acquired Sony a7R111 is  much better in terms of producing a richer black and white tonality.  

 This is another example from the same photo session using the  older  Sony NEX-7:

These granite rocks at Kings Head  do  make for  a good subject for experimenting with  black and white  photography,  but so far  I still still prefer  using black and  film. Often though it is  just not practical to use a tripod in these situations.