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brief working notes on various photographic projects

light #1

This is my first attempt at photographing light per se that I mention in an earlier post.   I took advantage of the layer of cloud softening the early morning  light.

This  is  looking east across Encounter Bay  from Rosetta Head in Victor Harbor.     I did  try this approach with an old film camera -- eg., a   Rolleiflex TLR (colour negative) to see what happens but the film is still unprocessed.   

This was  my  next step in photographing light by approaching it in  a different way --- as  a play of light.   I also   photographed the light with  an old film camera -- a Rolleiflex SL66 (colour negative) on a tripod. The digital photos are handheld.  

At the moment, apart from the above,  there is a blank slate in the project of photographing light as opposed to photographing an object with light falling on it. One possibility  is to photography light in terms of an  abstraction. This is an example that  I found in the archives (January 2022):

These are very minimal steps. This project is going to be a slow journey.