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light #3

Another image  in the  series of photographing light per se which broadens the terrain beyond photojournalism and documentary:

This is looking east over Encounter Bay from Rosetta Head.

 This location is the  standard one as is the early morning time the photo. 

The date of the photos was August 5, 2022. It took place between showers that accompanied a gusty north west wind. 

Light is a low key series as I am just finding my way with this project.  I understand that light in Australia was seen as unique  and it became a defining aspect of Australia as a nation. Th argument is that the light that falls over this continent is unique to this part of the world and so is integral to the Australian  experience. So agues Mellisa Miles in   her The Language of Lght and Darkness: Light and Place in Australian Photography.

Danielle Thompson's Marks of Ecstasy   is one  reference point. Marcus Fusinato's 2002 Sun Series is another.  The emphasis is on the feeling that photography ignites -- on how photography makes us feel that is contra to the  dominant approach of meaning to photography and other visual arts.