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light #6

The image below is a continuation of the little experiment that I'd started  a couple of years ago to try and photograph light itself. Light is the subject. 

This  is late afternoon light in the Redwoods near Beech Forest in the Otways in Victoria in March 2024.   I was concerned with the  intensity of the light. 

I  experimented whilst walking amongst the Californian Redwoods that afternoon, but  I wasn't really happy with  the results of light falling on the trunks of the Redwoods.   I needed to de-literalized’ the images much more. 

I went back the following morning and went more abstract using the water in the creek in order to  make something less literal, less physically descriptive: 

What is emerging  from this  little experiment  is that I am finding photographing light to be  much more difficult than I'd expected.  I am struggling  to find ways to do it,  or to find suitable situations in the field.  It is quite difficult to step outside  the boundaries of the photographic convention of writing with light (ie., the way you use lighten a photo) or  what is called light (painting) photography.   

As a lens-based photographer I am unable to create an image directly from my head as a painter can, but I am able to “pull away” from the real world by blurring, veiling, cropping, partially obscuring, and otherwise de-literalizing what is in front of the lens.  

These are the last images of light that I made made with my venerable  Rolleiflex TLR,  prior to the camera  becoming irreparably damaged from salt water.