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photographing country roads

My frustration from the rushed Talem Bend photo session has mounted,  due to  the very gusty  northerly and south-westerly winds and continual rain  over the last 4 days. The frustration comes from these weather condition  making it impractical to make a  return trip to Talem Bend at the base of the Mallee Highway. It's 90 minutes drive time each way. 

Suzanne  suggested that  I make things a bit easier  for myself in using the 8x10 Cambo by starting to photograph around my local area.  I took her advice and I was lucky to squeeze a photo session of roadside vegetation in Waitpinga in one morning after a   poodlewalk with Kayla. This  just before  it started to rain. 

I realized afterwards that concentrating on  pictures of roadside vegetation was far  too limited,  and that  really  I needed to broaden my local  image making  to include the roads I travelled along by making them  more central to the photography.   Here was a good model.    

I decided to start this exploration off  by beginning with the roads that I usually  walk down whilst on the  poodlewalks. I needed to start with what I was familiar with.  The connection between walking and still photography  is crucial,  as it is on these walks that  I  see the possible subject matter. 

So I spent the weekend  of wet weather  walking in the afternoon with Maleko along   Halll Creek Rd in Waitpinga; then driving along Wilson Hill Road  after the walk when it was  raining. I was scoping with a digital camera for suitable locations,  as well as  figuring out to photograph these back  country roads in black and white.  

What guided me was that I  basically needed the sun  to be behind me in the afternoon/morning as I could not count on too many overcast days during spring. Without the light the  b+w photo would look too drab.