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photographing in Wellington

Suzanne and I spent a week in the lower part of the North Island of New Zealand. This included Wellington,  Tongariro National Park,  parts of the the Waikato district and New Plymouth. It was a holiday built around us walking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.  

 I was able to do some photography in and around Wellington as well as the standard tourist snaps of  the Tongariro National Park.  The picture below was made from our  room at  the Travel Lodge,  which was where we were staying whilst in Wellington:

Due to the short time we had in New Zealand,  I  mainly photographed through  the windows of the hotel  and when I was walking the streets in the early morning and in the early evening. Walking the city  was limited by being on holiday but I was able to build on my previous visit. 

Wellington is a very visual city and I enjoy walking  it and exploring it's nooks and crannies.These  allow me to see beyond the obvious and to find things that are hidden away amongst the ever changing shade and light.  

I didn't have time to walk beyond the CBD0--eg., to explore the suburb of Newton or even begin to photograph it. It looked interesting judging by the large format black and white  work around Newton by Andrew Ross. My work in Wellington was all hand held-- both digital and medium format film. The possibilities for large format are certainly there:

However, the logistics of working with a tripod and a large format camera are rather  great for a New Zealander living in Australia: it requires  an extended period of time in Wellington,  a place to stay, an income, transport, a studio with a scanner,  a pro-lab to develop film,   etc.   

I'm not even sure how I can begin to address those kind of logistics. Some sort of artist-in residence is all that I could come up with whilst I was there? It is something to mull over.