shifting to Victor Harbor

The shift from living in the Sturt St apartment  in Adelaide's  CBD to  the house at Victor Harbor  is currently under way.  The townhouse will go on the market in mid-January. 

All the computers, scanners   and camera equipment now reside at Encounter Studio.   This  means that Encounter Studio will  eventually become the centre of my photography,  rather than what I do when I'm here at Encounter Bay for a few days every second weekend.  What will become secondary will be the urban photography,  as that now requires travelling up to the CBD or to Melbourne.

There has been little large format photography done because the shift taking place is teaching up my time and energy.   But  there is this possibility  for an 8x10 shoot that I came across  when I was looking through the 2014 digital archives just before  the Xmas break for what I'd scoped with the digital camera for  large format  photography. 

I went back and had a look over Xmas after walking the dogs at Kings Beach in the afternoon,  but  a quick glance indicated that the tree had been cut down.  I'll have to check the location more thoroughly. If  the  pine tree has  gone, then that is the end of that possibility for an 8x10.   

Most of the effort in 2015  will be in developing the Edgelands  project for an exhibition at Michael Silver's Photonet Gallery in Melbourne as well as a book publication through Magnet.  The book  requires more images,  a text on water politics, and more images of stressed rivers---eg.,  the River Murray in the Riverland (eg., Paringa or Chowilla)  and the Murrumbidgee River near Hay. 
Both rivers are in a poor condition. Not much can be done until the shift  to Victor Harbor is complete and we are  free of  the mortgage on the townhouse.