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under the South Rd Superway

Ari and I went on a poodle walked around Regency Park in Adelaide whilst Suzanne and Maleko were attending the second session of  puppy pre-school.  I  used the time to look for material for October's architectural theme for my 1picady2014 project.   It was around 6pm,  the sun was just going down, and we had an hour or so to fill in. So we just ambled around this industrial/warehouse area.  

We stumbled upon the South Rd Superway that is a part of Adelaide's north-south transport corridor.  We could even walk under the super way 

 This was large format territory. I could easily use the Cambo 5x7 monorail next time that Suzanne and Maleko go to puppy pre-school on a Friday night at Regency Park.  They have several sessions booked in so I could even  do some night photographs.