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a quiet moment

This picture was made as Kayla, Maleko and myself  were returning  from a long  poodlewalk along the coastal rocks to the car parked at Kings Beach Rd in Waitpinga. 

It was a quiet,  peaceful moment: no wind, soft light, gentle seas after the sun had gone behind the hills. 

photographing in the Coorong

We stayed a couple of days at Salt Creek in the Coorong on our way back from Adelaide from Melbourne so that I could pick up the second part of the edgelands project after a hiatus. I had been working on the Australian abstraction and Fleurieuscapes projects and I wanted to concentrate on  the edge lands associated with  the River Murray. I wanted to check out whether the  Coorong offered  any possibilities. 

My starting point was  a  familiar spot that I knew from when I briefly photographed  here several years ago,  and I was quite happy to return there and  begin to photograph in terms of South Australia landscapes. We arrived  at Salt Creek in the late afternoon and  I checked  out the location  for a 5x4 shoot  whilst we were on a poodle walk in the late afternoon light.

I was thinking  of constructing this low lying lying landscape into  horizontal strips of land, sea and sky. The lush afternoon light made  the image  too picturesque, and  it placed too much emphasis on  natural beauty for the edge lands project. When  I photographed the next day with the 5x4 Linhof it was in  flat morning light so that  this landscape  would look more stark and weird.  

returning to American River

I'm planning to spend a week at American River on Kangaroo Island in mid-November,  and I've started looking at the  work  that I did when we were there during the summer  of this year. 

I'm looking at the scoping work with the digital camera  to see what would be suitable for large format  photography.  All the 5x4 negatives that I'd exposed  on the last  trip were accidentally cross processed as E-6---that  is,  processed as slide film. We weren't able to save them. 

The above picture of Red Cliffs on Backstairs Passage  is one image that I would like to reshoot in large format.  

I did a lot of scoping of the base of the  cliffs  on the foreshore,  but  the cliff top views work better.