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seascape #3

The picture below  (from early January 2023) comes from  my decision to explore and  experiment with  a  different approach to the seascape project that I have been engaged in over the last year. I am finding it an intriguing project. 

The exploration involved searching for   different locations from the Rosetta Head one  that I had previously been using. What I was looking for was  a site   that  would enable me to get closer to the sea , as well as  provide protection from  any surging rogue waves. I was wary as I'd been previously caught with expensive consequences for the photography gear. 

I spent the short period between losing Kayla to cancer and Maya arriving  searching the coast of the southern Fleurieu Peninsula  between Petrel Cove and Kings Head looking for suitable locations. I was also scoping for a suitable location that would allow  to use a tripod so that  I could use a large format camera.  

This was one I found (17/02/23) but I wasn't happy with the rocks being included. I didn't want rocks and I wanted some clouds:

Though I eventually  found several possibilities  these really depended on whether it was high or low tide as  some of the locations were quite dangerous at high tide.  More often than not a large wave would splash over the  large format camera and tripod.  I could only safely work at low tide. 

The location that I found  for  the  above photo did offer  protection from the surging waves at high tide, but  it would be quite tricky  trying to set up  the  tripod and  large format camera. There was little in the way of a ledge to work from. 

I can but experiment.