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brief working notes on various photographic projects


I have started to  explore the possibilities of seascapes  this last month or so using  large format cameras -- namely, 4x5 and 5x7-- and photographng in colour.   

The location from which I work  is Rosetta Head (the Bluff) and the subject is Encounter Bay in the early morning around sunrise.   I park  the Forester  in the top car park over looking Petrel Cove then walk around the northern side of the Bluff and then up the eastern face carrying the camera gear. The 5x4 and carbon tripod are no problem as they fit into a pack, but I struggle with the 5x7 Cambo and the Gitzo tripod. 

It is a slow process as it is  a hit and miss situation. I do not really know what the clouds,  light and atmosphere will be like  until I get there. All I know is that there are clouds over the sea and the  direction of the wind. 

 Up to now I have just been using a digital camera for these explorations.These  pictures have been done whilst I've been on the Rosetta Head  poodlewalk, which I do once or twice a week.   The explorations have indicated that it is worth while having a go with the large format cameras. 

I just need to accept that it  is a going to very slow process due to it being a hit and miss situation. I cannot seen me lugging an 8x10 Cambo monorail and heavy duty tripod top the Bluff. That would require two trips.